2021 Pony Baseball & Softball Insurance Programm

MWG Mestmaker is proud to have been selected as the official insurance provider for Pony Baseball and Softball for 2021!

Program Coverage Summary

To be eligible for our PONY Insurance package all teams must be registered members of PONY. The PONY Insurance package requires applicants obtain both General Liability and Accident Medical insurance thus the rates provided later in the form are a combination of both coverages.

Enrollment Instructions

Complete the Online Enrollment Form and mail a check for premium to the address below.

Submission Methods


The preferred method is the Online Enrollment Form, which will automatically calculate the correct premium and will be submitted directly to us.


For those who downloaded the PDF form please save and email the form to us at pony@mestmaker.com.


If you have filled out a paper application, please send physical copy of form to: 1675 Chester Avenue, Suite 400, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Payment of Premiums

Make check payable to MWG Mestmaker and mail to: 1675 Chester Avenue, Suite 400, Bakersfield, CA 93301